Treasury Management

The Treasury Management Division is responsible for the Treasurer’s core constitutional function: receipting and disbursing all state funds. All payments made to state agencies, whether by check, cash, credit card or ACH debit or credit flow through state bank accounts and are receipted in by the treasury staff.

This constitutional obligation also includes management and reconciliation of all state bank accounts, reconciling of incoming and outgoing ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments, the payment and processing of state warrants, and the receipting of all state agency funds into the accounting system.

Our Treasury Management staff sets cash position two times each day in order to maximize the money available to invest by the Nebraska Investment Council.

Treasury Management also assists agencies, state vendors, and banks with questions on state payments and other banking services; assists agencies with the development of e-commerce options when accepting payments from constituents; and transfers funds, such as state aid, between state entities.

Finally, Treasury Management oversees the Mutual Finance Assistance Program, which began in 1998. The program provides aid to rural or suburban fire protection districts (FPDs) and mutual finance organizations (MFOs) for the purpose of financing operational and equipment needs for fire protection, emergency response, or training within their joint areas of operation.

Protest Grievance Procedure for Services
Protest Grievance Procedure For Services