Treasurer’s Policy Concerning Opening Bank Accounts for a State Agency
and Use of the State’s FTIN On a Bank Account

State law and an Attorney General’s Opinion provide that the State Treasurer has the exclusive authority to establish bank accounts on behalf of Nebraska state agencies and that a state agency is not permitted to open its own bank account without the approval of the State Treasurer. Neb. Rev. Stat. §77-2301, §77-2309, Attorney General Opinion No. 15-010 (August 10, 2015).

The Treasurer will only authorize a state agency to have its own bank account for good cause shown and only if there are substantial reasons why the agency’s needs cannot be adequately served by existing state bank accounts.

A Nebraska State agency which wishes to open a bank account must complete and submit the following application form which must be signed by the agency director. The Treasurer will review the application and either approve or deny the application in writing.

Bank Account Application