Child Support Payment Center to Host Employer Seminars in Lincoln, Kearney

Seminars for employers who remit child support on behalf of their employees will be offered Sept. 21 in Lincoln and Sept. 27 in Kearney, State Treasurer Don Stenberg said today.

The seminars are hosted by the Child Support Payment Center, a division of the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office. There is no charge to attend.

Stenberg said employers attending the seminars will learn how to remit child support payments electronically. They also will hear about new hire reporting, verification and termination as well as income and medical withholding and remittance.

“We encourage employers to use electronic payments, and we continue to look for ways to make the process easier for them,” Stenberg said. “Electronic payments make good business sense for employers, resulting in lower costs for envelopes, postage, printing, and record-keeping. Electronic payments actually result in efficiencies throughout the system, including speedier payments to custodial parents and lower processing costs for the payment center.”

The Nebraska Child Support Payment Center, which has been a leader in promoting electronic payments, was ranked third in the nation in 2015 for the percent of child support payments received electronically.

Registration information for the seminars is available on the State Treasurer’s website at Advance registration is required for either seminar:

  • Jana Langemach
  • Director of Communications
  • 402-471-8884