'Draw Your Dreams' Scholarship Contest 2018
NEST 529 College Savings Plan Rewards Young Dreamers,
Features Artwork in Capitol
7th Annual ‘Draw Your Dreams’ Scholarship Contest Announces 12 Winners
Julia McNamara (Kindergarten)
Addie Boyles (1st Grade)
Emry Brandon (2nd Grade)
Kellan Wilken (2nd Grade)
Meadow Grove
Sylvie Benge (3rd Grade)
Caydence Feldman (4th Grade)
Grace Reitz (4th Grade)
Gracie Ritchie (4th Grade)
Rachel Dia (6th Grade)
Nebraska City
Katherine Paitz (7th Grade)
Kaylee Rohde (7th Grade)
Clara Bloom (8th Grade)
New Canaan, Connecticut

First National Bank of Omaha and Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg today announced this year’s Draw Your Dreams scholarship winners, each of whom will take home a $1,000 contribution to a NEST 529 College Savings account.

The winners’ artwork will be displayed in the Nebraska State Capitol from September 17 through September 28, 2018. The Draw Your Dreams contest, which is held each September in celebration of College Savings Month, encourages students to envision their dreams for the future.

“Draw Your Dreams encourages young people to express their creativity and shows them that planning ahead can be fun and empowering,” said Treasurer Stenberg, Trustee of NEST 529. “This contest is a catalyst for important conversations about the future, and we hope families and students will be inspired to begin talking about their educational and vocational dreams. We are proud to offer the scholarship money that will provide a foundation for these goals.”

Contest participants—ranging in age from kindergarten to 8th grade—used a variety of artistic styles and techniques to represent their hopes for the future. Members of the Nebraska Art Teachers Association judged the entries and selected the 12 winners. A total of 83 entries were received. The winners’ grade levels and hometowns follow:

Sylvie Benge3rdLincoln, Nebraska
Clara Bloom8thNew Canaan, Connecticut
Addie Boyles1stLitchfield, Nebraska
Emry Brandon2ndBellevue, Nebraska
Rachel Dia6thNebraska City, Nebraska
Caydence Feldman4thLitchfield, Nebraska
Julia McNamaraKindergartenPapillion, Nebraska
Katherine Paitz7thLitchfield, Nebraska
Grace Reitz4thPleasanton, Nebraska
Gracie Ritchie4thLitchfield, Nebraska
Kaylee Rohde7thLitchfield, Nebraska
Kellan Wilken2ndMeadow Grove, Nebraska

“At NEST 529, we strive to make the road to higher education as simple and affordable as possible for families,” said Deborah Goodkin, Managing Director, Savings Plans, First National Bank of Omaha. “Each year, Draw Your Dreams helps us work towards that ambition and allows families to begin discussions of children’s academic futures in artistic and unconventional ways. Motivating students to plan ahead is essential, and it’s a joy to witness their inspiration through these drawings.

“We want to congratulate all the winners and especially take note that six of the 12 winners are from the same small Nebraska school, Litchfield Public Schools. Since neither names nor hometowns are included with the artwork during judging, these pieces stood out all on their own. Congratulations to all 12 winners.”

More information is available at NEST529.com & NEST529Advisor.com.

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