Ackerman, Boucher Honored with Excellence in Leadership Awards

Recently, we had the opportunity to celebrate two of our own, Kim Ackerman and Amanda Boucher as they received the Excellence in Leadership Award. I’m proud to have each and every one of you on our team!

 Kim Ackerman

Kim is an absolute pleasure to have as a part of our office.  Kim is dependable, she is always the first one to the office and always jumps in to help out whenever there is a need, even in cases where it interrupts her work or personal plans.  Kim is polite and helpful as she assist claimants with the process.  She works through issues and helps resolve difficult claims with patience and determination.  At outreach events, Kim can be seen reaching out to event goers to encourage them to search for unclaimed property.  She is energetic without being overbearing, so people gravitate to her positive personality.  Kim is a wonderful asset in that she is proficient in her job duties, but also because she goes above and beyond in her efforts professionally and personally.

 Amanda Boucher

Amanda brings strong assets to her role and our office.  She is dedicated and hardworking.  She is extremely organized and brings high energy to every aspect of her position.  Although Amanda is responsible for doing many jobs, she can still take the most customer service calls of everyone in the department and be able to complete her other tasks.  Amanda works extremely hard on getting money to individuals that have been returned to our office, she also has played a major role in getting funds to custodial parents that never activated or knew they had a child support payment card.