New Financial Planning Resource Available at Nebraska Treasurer’s Website

A new Financial Planning resource for families wanting to learn about saving for college and for consumers seeking to brush up on financial basics has been added to the Nebraska State Treasurer’s website, State Treasurer Don Stenberg announced today.

The new resource can be accessed at the Treasurer’s website,, by clicking on the Financial Planning tab in the main navigational menu at the top of any page.

“This new resource is part of our overall initiative to provide basic financial education to Nebraska students and their parents as a way to educate more families about our state-sponsored, tax-advantaged Nebraska Educational Savings Trust, NEST 529,” Treasurer Stenberg said. “This free public resource provides online information and calculators to help with family budgets, to help consumers better understand credit scores, and to help families save for college.”

Stenberg said, so far this school year, almost 5000 Nebraska students in 107 schools have taken part in our NEST Financial Scholars online financial literacy program. Since the program began six years ago, more than 41,000 students have taken part.

“Our new Financial Planning resource enhances and expands our school program by reaching out to a broader audience including young people new to the workforce, families with young children, and consumers interested in learning more about budgeting, building up emergency savings, and protecting their identities,” Stenberg said.    

The new feature includes two sections – Saving for College with a 529 Plan and Reviewing Financial Basics. Each section provides short interactive modules on specific topics. Users may click on the Language link in the footer at the bottom of any page to view the pages in English or Spanish. The website features are ADA compliant and can be viewed from multiple electronic devices, including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

The Savings for College with a 529 Plan section offers modules on 529 Plans, Financing Higher Education, Savings for Higher Education, and Student Loan Refinancing. The Reviewing Financial Basics section offers modules on Emergency Savings, Building Emergency Savings, Credit Scores and Reports, and Identity Protection, as well as a Monthly Budget Tool.

Accessing the Financial Planning website is easy. Stenberg said. No log-in is required, but an optional log-in feature is available and is recommended for users who want to save their progress. A short video featuring Treasurer Stenberg welcomes visitors to the page. In addition to adding the Financial Planning resource, the Treasurer’s office has updated sections of the Treasurer’s website dealing with NEST 529, the Enable Savings Plan, and the NEST Financial Scholars program.

The Nebraska Treasurer’s website and the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center website average about 200,000 page views a month, combined.  Users access the websites to search and file claims for unclaimed property, access enrollment information for NEST 529 or Enable, learn about NEST scholarship activities and other news events, transact government business, and find out about paying and receiving child support. The new Financial Planning resource takes the place of a previous single online module titled NEST Financial Scholars for Families.

  • Jana Langemach
  • Director of Communications
  • 402-471-8884