New Shapes, New Colors Add up to ‘Snazzy’

Visitors to the Nebraska State Fair found money they didn’t know they were missing, got answers to questions about setting up NEST college savings accounts, and learned more about the State Treasurer’s newest undertaking, the Enable Savings Plan.

All this— and more — happened at the Treasurer’s booth in the Pinnacle Bank Expo Center, a dressed-up booth that included a totally new backdrop with new colors and shapes for the Unclaimed Property Division and a new color-coordinated display for the Enable Savings Plan. The royal blue and chartreuse green color combination drew compliments from visitors and neighboring booths.

“Snazzy,” said the booth occupant across the aisle. “Eye catching,” she added.

Enjoy these snapshots from one day – August 27, 2016 – at the Treasurer’s booth during the 2016 Nebraska State Fair.

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