Treasurer Murante/NCEE Name Senators Slama and McKinney Economic Educators of the Year

Today the Nebraska Council on Economic Education (NCEE) and State Treasurer John Murante named State Senators Terrell McKinney (LD 11 – Omaha) and Julie Slama (LD 1 – southeast Nebraska) as the joint 2021 Reiser Economic Educator of the year for their efforts to promote financial literacy in the Nebraska educational system.

 Introduced by Sen. McKinney and containing language authored by Sen. Slama LB 452 tasks school districts in Nebraska, working with the Nebraska Department of Education, to include financial literacy instruction in their elementary and middle school curriculum. Additionally, the bill requires high school students to pass a personal finance course to meet graduation requirements. The bipartisan bill passed 44-0 and was signed into law in May 2021.

 “This legislation is about ensuring a better financial future for all Nebraska students. Prior to LB 452, 60% of Nebraska high school students were required to take a personal finance course to graduate. Now, because of the work of Senators Slama and McKinney, the other 40% will get the same access and opportunity,” said Dr. Jennifer Davidson, President, Nebraska Council on Economic Education. 

“Having a solid financial education foundation will result in so many benefits for Nebraska students. Kids who learn money management early will avoid many of the pitfalls and stressors that impact many adults which can lead to a whole host of problems. I’m proud of the work Senators McKinney and Slama put in to get this bill across the finish line,” Murante said.

 The Reiser Economic Educator award is given annually and is intended to recognize teachers and other leaders who have made a major impact over the years on the teaching of economics and personal finance in the state of Nebraska. It began in 2015 to honor the retirement of Mary Lynn Reiser after 29 years of service as the Associate and Director of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Economic Education.

 The Nebraska Council on Economic Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit, housed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business. Its mission is to act as a catalyst and lead a statewide initiative to advance economic literacy by primarily focusing on educating Nebraska's students and providing professional development for K-12 educators. For more information on the Council, please contact Jennifer Davidson at or visit

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