Submit Holder Report Using Third Party App
If you prefer not creating a Holder Reporting profile on the Treasurer's website to submit holder reporting information, you can also use UPExchange or HRS Pro to create a HDE file. If you use UPExchange or HRS Pro to create a HDE file, you can then submit your holder reporting information via this website or by mail.

UPExchange is a web application for creating and submitting unclaimed property reports in the NAUPA II Electronic Reporting Standard. It is accessible from anywhere, with any standard web browser, and with no software to install or maintain. This website is available to holders for a fee.

UPExchange can be accessed at the following website:

HRS Pro is developed by Wagers & Associates, the organization whose software is used to create and maintain the Unclaimed Property database. This program is available online or may be downloaded and installed by a person with administrative rights on your computer.

HRS Pro can be downloaded at the following page: