Securities (Stock & Mutual Fund) Reporting
Remitting Securities
Transfer shares into the State of Nebraska's account at Wells Fargo Advisors.
All shares need to be registered under the name, Nebraska State Treasurer's Office.

Nebraska State Treasurer's Office FEIN: 47-0491233

Only remit shares for Nebraska owners.
Do not remit fractional shares of stock. Liquidate fractional shares and remit the proceeds.
Do not add new shares to State of Nebraska accounts once reported. Dividends must be paid in cash only.
Mutual Funds

When possible, stock and mutual fund shares are required to be transferred into our Wells Fargo account:

  • DTC: 0141
  • Account Number: 1755-3417

If the shares cannot be deposited into the Wells Fargo account holders should register shares to:

  • Nebraska State Treasurer's Office
  • Unclaimed Property Division
  • 809 P Street
  • Lincoln, NE 68508
  • FEIN: 47-0491233
Worthless Securities

Worthless security is defined as a security whose cost of liquidation and delivery would exceed the value of the security on the date a report is due under the Nebraska Unclaimed Property Act.

Nebraska will no longer accept worthless securities pursuant to Nebraska Revised Statute 69-1321. Do not report worthless securities on your NAUPA file or transfer them to the State Treasurer’s Office account. Instead, provide a separate listing of the security name, CUSIP, symbol, and the number of shares with your annual remittance.

Holder should maintain these accounts and if a security gains value, it should be reported and remitted during the next reporting cycle.

Non-transferrable Securities

If securities are non-transferable but have value, they should be moved to an account on the books of the broker/agent registered to: Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office, Unclaimed Property Division;

EIN 47-0491233. The same account should be used year after year; do not open multiple accounts in the State’s name.

An account statement should be included with the electronic report containing non-transferable securities. Until an account statement is received listing that the State holds the shares, the report cannot be reconciled which may result in the delay of claims payments to all owners listed on the report.

If you have questions on transferring shares to the state of Nebraska contact our custodian, Wells Fargo Advisors.

Contact Info:
Tim Johnson 916-491-6361

Use the following Excel spreadsheet templates to remit securities:

Email completed spreadsheets to: