Instructions for Complying with Nebraska’s Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act

You are a “holder” if you possess intangible property belonging to another person or if you are a bank and you possess tangible property, in the form of safe deposit boxes, belonging to another person. If, after a “dormancy period,” the owner has not claimed the property, the holder of the property is required to remit the property to the State of Nebraska, pursuant to Nebraska State Statutes 69-1302-1310.

Nebraska’s dormancy period for holders is five years with the following exceptions:

  • One year - wages, payroll, salary; commissions
  • Two years - dissolution/liquidation; demutualization proceeds
  • Three years - unredeemed gift certificates; utilities; mineral proceeds and mineral interest; court deposits and public corporation funds; government checks; credit memos
  • Seven years - money orders
  • Fifteen years - traveler's checks

A holder may remit property before the property is presumed abandoned if the Treasurer approves a request submitted in writing. The Treasurer will only approve requests to escheat property before the appropriate dormancy period is reached if a holder has performed all due diligence requirements.

Due Diligence

To practice good due diligence, for each item of unclaimed property above $25, you should send a notification letter to the last known address of the owner at least 60 days and no more than 120 days before the reporting deadline.

Negative Report

If you have nothing to report, but would like to establish that as a matter of record, you may submit a simple declaration on this site at the following page:

A negative report means that you have no cash, no stock, no mutual funds, and no safe deposit boxes to report. Only organizations holding unclaimed property are required by state law to report.

Reporting Deadlines

Reports and remittance are to be filed by November 1 for the fiscal year ending the preceding June 30. Life insurance corporations must file by May 1 for the year ending the previous December 31.


Payment for your unclaimed property must be remitted by ACH payment or check made payable to the State of Nebraska.

  • Reports are required to be submitted online either through our website or UPExchange.
  • If your report is submitted through our website, please print the confirmation page and mail it in with your check.
  • If you submit an ACH payment for your report, please email your holder name, FEIN, and confirmation number to

Mail your check and confirmation page to the following address:

Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office
Unclaimed Property Division
809 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Submission Procedures

All reports must be created either on the Treasurer’s website (recommended method) or prepared electronically in NAUPA 2 format. You may use HRS Pro, UPExchange, or another 3rd party application to create this file. The file must be submitted through the Treasurer’s website or the UPExchange website.

Report Unclaimed Property