LB131 – Municipal Natural Gas System Emergency Assistance Fund Application

The purpose of the Municipal Natural Gas System Emergency Assistance Fund is to assist municipalities (excluding cities of the metropolitan and primary class) which own and operate a natural gas plant or natural gas system in addressing extraordinary costs due to extreme weather events. Applicants are eligible to receive grants that cover up to 80% of such costs.

Extreme weather event means a weather event occurring on or after January 1, 2021, including but not limited to, snow, rain, drought, flood, storm, extreme heat, or extreme cold.

Extraordinary costs mean expenses that exceed the usual, average, or budgeted costs related to procuring and delivering natural gas, including the purchase of spot or incremental natural gas, costs related to propane injection, and pipeline charges beyond the scope of normal and customary charges.

All relief funds have been claimed

Fund disbursements will begin after July 1, 2021.