Unclaimed Property Tabloid: Big Job for NSTO, LJS
Photos by Jana Langemach

Printing of the Unclaimed Property Report for 2016 is a big job not only for the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office, but also for the Lincoln Journal Star.

It is probably the biggest print job in terms of number of copies for the Lincoln Journal Star in the past year, said Matt Kasik, the newspaper’s post-press and distribution manager.

Consider this: 313,000 copies, 40 pages, 11 hours to print. But that’s not all the big numbers associated with the 2015 report.

Here’s more year-end numbers from Meaghan Aguirre, director of the Unclaimed Property Division of the Treasurer’s Office: 117,530 new properties added to the database in 2015, average claim amounted to $725 in 2015, largest claim paid to a Nebraskan was $87,616, and largest amount waiting to be claimed is almost $1 million.

Printing of the tabloid began Feb. 8 on the LJS’s Flexograph press and was scheduled to be broken up into several days. The water-based ink used in the printing process is environmentally friendly. Copies are packaged and shipped to the daily newspapers in Nebraska to be published in weekend editions in March and April.

The report will appear first in the Omaha World-Herald and the Scottsbluff Star-Herald on March 6. It will be inserted in other daily newspapers on the following dates: