Stenberg Suggests Girl Scouts, Leaders Check Treasurer’s Office for Unclaimed Property

While Nebraska’s Girl Scouts are out selling cookies in the next few weeks, they may want to stop by the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office, State Treasurer Don Stenberg said today. The Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division has more than $4,700 for Girl Scout and Brownie troops and similar organizations from across the state.

“I would be very happy to see this money returned to the Girl Scouts and Brownies who earned it through their earnest sacrifices, no matter how small, and their hard work,” Treasurer Stenberg said. “This time of year, when Girl Scout cookie sales are just getting underway, seemed a perfect time to let the organizations know that we are holding money they probably didn’t know they were missing.”

Stenberg said the process to claim the money could be instructive for the young members.

“Visiting the State Treasurer’s Office in the Capitol or filling out a claim form for our Unclaimed Property Division is a useful exercise for the Girl Scouts and Brownies,” Stenberg said. “Introducing young people to how government works provides a good foundation for the children’s school work and for future leadership opportunities.”

Stenberg said 19 properties, valued at a total $4,730, are being held for youth organizations in Nebraska including Girl Scout and Brownie troops, Campfire Girls, Girls Club Inc., and possibly Boy Scouts. The last known addresses for the groups include Douglas County, Lancaster County, and Madison County. Some properties are listed with last known addresses in Lincoln, Alliance, Papillion, and Farnam.

Some of the money comes from overpayments for camp fees. Several smaller properties under $10 each are not included in the total.

The largest single amount being held is $1,409 for Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska, Troop 397. Other larger amounts include $536 for Troop 643 in Douglas County and $398 for Junior Troop 2072, also in Douglas County.

Three properties, not included in the total, are being held for Girl Scout organizations outside Nebraska, including Girl Scout Troop 1484 in Shawnee, Kans.; Girl Scout Service 654 in Raymore, Mo.; Girl Scout Troop 152 in Summit, Mo.

Stenberg suggested that organizations try several variations of the group name when searching for unclaimed property. In the case of the Girl Scout groups, some properties can be found by searching the words, Girl Scouts, and other properties can be found by searching the word, Troop.

He recommended the youth organizations and other Nebraskans follow these steps to search for unclaimed property:

  • Jana Langemach
  • Director of Communications
  • 402-471-8884