More than $11.2 million Returned in Unclaimed Property in 2013,
Up Over 66 Percent from 2012, Treasurer Stenberg Says

More than $11.26 million in unclaimed property was returned to Nebraskans and former Nebraskans in 2013, State Treasurer Don Stenberg said today. The amount paid out in 2013 increased by more than 66 percent over the amount paid out in 2012 and is the highest amount returned to owners since 2009.

The number of claims paid also increased from 12,159 in 2012 to 18,273 claims paid in 2013, Stenberg said. The largest claim paid in 2013 was $561,000, which was divided among three heirs.

“These are significant increases both in the amount of unclaimed property returned to owners and the number of claims paid,” Stenberg said. “This large amount of unclaimed property being returned to owners is the result of my staff’s concerted effort to return as much money as possible, as expeditiously as possible.

“In addition, the increase can be attributed to our ongoing efforts to make Nebraskans aware of the unclaimed property program through outreach events, check presentations, traditional news media contacts, and social media outlets,” Stenberg said. “We also have a staff member whose principal job function is to research large properties and reach out to owners who may have no knowledge of these resources. This new service, implemented beginning last year, has proven very effective in reaching owners.”

In all, the Treasurer’s Office is holding more than $135 million for more than 350,000 Nebraskans and former Nebraskans. New names added to the unclaimed property database in 2013 will be printed in the annual unclaimed property report to be published in 16 Nebraska newspapers in March and April, as required by law. Stenberg urged Nebraskans to check for their names in the tabloid when it appears in their local newspapers.

Nebraskans also can check for their names in the unclaimed property database at any time by going to the Treasurer’s website at A search box for unclaimed property appears on the home page.

Stenberg suggested Nebraskans follow these steps to search for unclaimed property:

  • Jana Langemach
  • Director of Communications
  • 402-471-8884