Treasurer Stenberg Introduces New Email Newsletter For Employers
Submitting Child Support Payments Electronically

The Nebraska Child Support Payment Center, a division of the State Treasurer’s Office, is adding a new email newsletter for employers as a way to reach out to employers who remit child support payments for their employees and to encourage more employers to sign up to make payments electronically.

“We encourage the use of electronic payments by employers to eliminate printing and handling paper checks and to reduce postal costs for employers. Electronic payments also represent a savings to Nebraska taxpayers,” State Treasurer Don Stenberg said. More than 80 percent of payments from employers are sent electronically.

State law requires businesses that employ more than 50 employees to submit child support payments on behalf of employees electronically.

The email newsletter, called the Nebraska Child Support Employers Bulletin, will be sent quarterly to employers who have signed up to remit child support on behalf of their employees electronically through the Child Support Payment Center. The employers represent small, private companies that are locally owned as well as large corporations with headquarters outside Nebraska.

Content in the Employers Bulletin will cover suggestions for using the Child Support Payment Center website at, general information about the center, and information about federal and state developments that affect employers. Employers can also use this website to sign up to begin remitting their employees’ child support payments electronically. The service is secure and free.

The outreach staff of the Child Support Payment Center also offers seminars to update employers on changes in laws and practices relating to the withholding of court-order child support payments for employees. Through the seminars, the outreach staff has had contact with more than 2,400 employers.

Employers sent more than $138 million in child support payments to the State Treasurer’s Office for Nebraska children in 2010, the latest year for which total figures are available.

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