State Treasurer Don Stenberg Announces Agreement in Principle with SLEBC

Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg announced today that he has reached an agreement in principle with the State Law Enforcement Bargaining Council (SLEBC) that the health insurance funds identified in a recent state audit will be placed in an account under the direction and control of the State Treasurer.

“I would like to thank Brian Petersen and SLEBC’s legal counsel for their good faith and cooperation in promptly resolving this issue,” Stenberg said.

Stenberg noted that this agreement does not change the amount of premiums, the health insurance coverage for the plan participants or the benefit manager of the health insurance plan.

“Going forward, I envision the Treasurer’s role here as being substantially the same as with the State’s other health insurance plans. We will make payments to the benefit manager as requested, to pay the claims approved by the benefit manager,” Stenberg said.

Stenberg said that under state statute the State Treasurer is the custodian of virtually all state funds, including the State’s health insurance funds.

“I am just doing the job I was elected to do. This agreement in principle is a positive step and in no way reflects any concern on my part about the personal integrity of the current SLEBC leadership,” Stenberg said.

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